Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One tough kid...

So I had to blog about tonight. It is Tuesday and Jeremy is the young men's president and he was in charge of the combined YM YW activity. They decided to go up to Mantua and sleigh ride. Jeremy asked if I would make some bread sticks so he could take them up with them to eat with the hot chocolate. I made two pans and set them out to cool. I went back to my bedroom and could hear a chair being slid across my floor and I called out to Dax asking what he was doing. He replied that he was trying to get a bread stick and I told him "don't touch the pans, they are really hot. I will help you in just a second". Well, I didn't hear any more about it so I assumed he went back to watching sponge bob with Regan. I headed up to my moms in Mantua to kill the time while Jeremy was sleigh riding and my youngest sister Ashlee says "Hey Michelle, what happened to Dax's arm" of course I had no idea what she was talking about. Then I saw the lovely burn and water blister. The poor kid burned his arm that bad and never made a peep. I had no idea it had even happened. Aren't I a great mother :)OUCH

Monday, January 26, 2009

Farwell dinner for Jodi...

My baby sister Jodi is headed to China on Wed. for 6 months to teach English. I hate to admit it, but I am a little envious. What an adventure!! All the sisters and my mom (we were missing Julie because it was her birthday that day so she was out with her hubby) went to the "Indian Oven" in Logan......not a favorite...but it was fun. We laughed a lot because the food was very "unique". Jodi's best friend Brittney was there also and of course I had to bring Regan along, after all she is a girl :) After dinner, we all climbed in the car and my oldest sister Stephanie asks if we can stop at McDonalds to get an ice cream and Regan says "Can I get a Happy Meal". We laughed because she just played with her food the whole time. Not the greatest place to take little kids that think they can order a hamburger and french fries....Good Luck Jodi....see you in 6 months. We love you!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Bug Tag

I was tagged by Amie. The rules: Name 10 things that bug you, and tag ten people. I am going to copy Amie and say because this is the first tag I've ever done, I'm only going to tag a few people. I tag Emily Cornia, Amanda, Melissa and Kellie......

Things that bug me......

1-Recorded sales calls for credit cards. Without fail, the stupid phone rings right when we sit down to dinner.

2-Going grocery shopping...with my kids!!!

3-Being late...however, I am very often.

4-Not being able to find my kids shoes when we need to leave my moms house. (or their coats, socks, hats....ARGH!)

5-Slow internet....thankfully we upgraded so now I can blog!! YEAH

6-When Jeremy calls 10 minutes before he supposed to be home....telling me he is just leaving. (he has a 30 min. commute)

7-When I finally get my kids in bed and close the door....and I hear "I need a drink"!

8-Trying to buy something (anything) new with Jeremy's help. If anyone knows Jer, they know he likes to do his "research"...that's the word he uses, but it really means...."I am going to drag this out as long as I possibly can" AHHHHHHH

9-Cleaning my house and then 1 hour later cleaning it again and again and again.....

10-Telling my kids no when they ask for something in the store and they say "I never get anything"!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jer in all his glory.....note his large buck...he is so very proud!

The many beautiful faces of Regan....

Dax...in all his forms...;)

Funny Zoo Pictures

I was looking through my camera and wanted to post pictures from our summer zoo trip....for those of you who know Pat Parrish...this picture is priceless.....the set wouldn't be complete without it....we love you Pat!! (congrats on getting a baby boy too!!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Family

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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Gee Family Chrismas Party

These are the most recent photos I have for Christmas.....I need to keep the camera ready! Regan and Dax got to sit on Santa's lap and get there "santa" gifts. Regan got make-up (which she lives for) and Dax got a race track...they had a lot of fun.

Halloween 2008

I know Halloween is far from over, but I had to publish the picture of Jeremy and I. Jeremy and a work party, and we went as a ghostbuster and the marshmallow man. Yep, those are REAL marshmallow's on his shirt....what a sport!! Regan was Mulan and Dax was his hero...batman.

Preschool Fieldtrip

I went on a field trip with Regan's preschool. We went on a hayride, and each kid got to pick a pumpkin from the pumkin patch. Regan had a lot of fun. She is starting to make new friends since our recen move was pretty hard on her.

Dress Up

Regan has just started attempting to play "dress up" with Dax. Jeremy is never very happy about it, but I seem to remember hearing about how Amie dressed up Jeremy and Justin, so I tell him "it happens to the best of you" :)In the second picture Dax is wearing his "blessing" tuxedo, which Regan thought would be a great "handsome prince" outfit....haa haa

What the kids LIVE for!!

Jeremy took the kids out a few weeks ago (when we were actually having winter weather) on the four-wheeler. The kids were screaming and laughing. They had a great time!

Friday, January 9, 2009

All right, I have been threatened enough by those whom I will not speak.....(you know who you are!) that I have FINALLY decided to join the blogging world.