Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things about me.....

I was tagged by my cousin Allison (love her!) to type 25 random things about me. ummmm this might be hard but I will give it a shot.

1) I was always the "tattle tell" with my sisters. I did not like getting in trouble so when my sisters wanted to tell each other their "secrets" they would lock me out of the room....good thing too, because odds are I would have told :)

2) I hold grudges. Don't like to admit it, but there are some people in my past who really hurt me and I still don't like them.

3) I hate my teeth. I have even had braces, but to smile and show my teeth is murder!

4) I come from a family of 13 children...yes 13. I am the third oldest. There are 9 girls are 4 it!!

5) When I met Jeremy I thought he was way out of my league.....I didn't think I had a chance. Then later on, I was talking to a girl who lived across the hall from Jeremy at Snow College and she said "we all thought the Gee twins were hot, but after we saw you we knew we didn't have a chance" Funny that sometimes what we think about ourselves, others see differently. It has always been a self esteem booster to me when I am down.

6) I always wanted like 10 kids...until I had 2.

7) My favorite color is purple. It has been since I can remember. Funny thing is I don't decorate or wear purple....I just love the color.

8) Joanna (my younger sister) and I used to stick books in our underwear when we knew we were in trouble. My dad actually went to spank us once and he hit the books....I think it made it worse ;)

9) I am not a very patient mom. I always pictured myself as this fun loving, easy going mom. I AM a high strung, stress freak mom....Whoops!

10) Jeremy and I dated for 2 1/2 months before we got engaged. We were married 6 months from the time we met. That was it. I was completely HOOKED!!

11) I met Jeremy at Snow College.

12) I was not really a nerd in high school, but not one of the "cool crowd" I guess you could say. Then I meet Jeremy and he was "most prefered" in his school, got asked to EVERY dance and had girls galore.....can we say complex!! I always tell him he would not have looked twice at me if we had gone to the same high school. Thankfully we didn't.

13) I wish I could spend more money on me. I have an issue when it comes to either buying a shirt for me or for one of my children....somehow the kids always win.

14) I hate birds.....I AM SERIOUS. I realized it was a serious issue, when we were living in Logan a baby crow had fallen down in our patio and the mother crow was going crazy cawing all the time. I went to leave for work in the morning and I couldn't get myself up the stairs. I would take two steps, hear the caw and back down. I finally had to knock on my neighbors door (getting him out of bed) and asked if he would walk me to my!!! (my neighbors at the time were Brandon and Darci Burke for those of you who know them).

15) I love to eat sour baby green apples off the tree with salt. It makes Jeremy sick, but I love it.

16) I crave pickles and cucumbers in vinegar all the time. It is a staple for me.

17) HATE public restrooms.....used to be able to avoid them, but now that I have children...impossible. YUCK!!

18) I am not a sports fan. I try to be for my husband, but unless it is a really good game I can just walk away. Jeremy played baseball in high school, and I hate to say it, but it is my WORST sport to watch!! (unless he is playing)

19) I hate shoes. I love flip flops and bare feet. I don't even wear closed toed shoes in the winter. I get looks all the time and people saying "aren't your feet cold" I want to say...ummm yah, but I love my flip flops.

20) I love gummy candy. I could take it over chocolate (almost any day). I love the Haribo brand gummy bears....yummy!!

21) I don't like getting presents. This is rough for Jeremy. I feel uncomfortable when someone gives me something and I don't know how to react. I prefer birthdays and such to just come and go...with just a "happy birthday". I will go get something I want later.

22) I really do have naturally blonde hair and BLACK eyebrows!! Yes, they are real! I get it all the time..."do you dye your eyebrows?"...."yes, I take a tiny brush and dye each individual eyebrow hair".....come on...I do have a lot of time on my hands but seriously :)

23) I really don't like to travel. I like to stay at home.

24)I love how girly Regan is, and how ALL boy Daxton is.

25) I wish I was a naturally pretty person. Waking up and having to put make-up on everyday just to look human gets annoying....oh well, we can't have it all!!

I tag anyone who would like to do it. It is fun. Try it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sleigh Riding...

So it has been about a week since I posted.....we went sleigh riding actually about a week ago, I am just slow at getting pictures up. Jeremy is amazingly patient with our kiddos. He would ride down with them then hike up the hill pulling them in the sleigh. They had a lot of fun. Dax and Regan wanted to go down by themselves once and they crashed, once we started laughing they did too. They got snow in their faces a lot so Dax's little checks (I guess not little :) are really red. This was in my home town of Mantua. It is a really pretty town with lots of snow even though there is not much anywhere else.Enjoy!