Monday, March 23, 2009

New Post

So I posted about Dax's birthday....below and it didn't update the blog to show I posted something new so I am trying it again to see if it will work......

Look Who Turned 3!!

It was Daxton's birthday on Friday. I can't believe he is 3 already! He
had a lot of fun. He wanted a batman cake and this is what I came up
with....not bad for an amateur!!

We took Regan and Daxton to Chuck-E-Cheese's Thursday for his birthday and they had a blast!! Of course bieng able to spend their hard earned tickets to buy prizes was the best part of all!!

Then we headed off to Ferron to see grandma and granpa Gee. We headed into the mountains on Saturday for a hot dog/smores cook out. Daxton had a great birthday!!

Dax got a bow and arrows from gradma and grandpa Gee and we gave him a big wheel.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hmmmm Sleigh Riding?

So the other day my kids wanted to go sleigh riding and I told them there was not enough snow (it was all slushy). I went about my business upstairs and I hear the kids screaming and now that sound when you think "hmmm, it sounds like they are doing something they probably shouldn't be" so I went to check on them and this is what I found......
I guess they figured since I said no sleigh riding outside, they would go sleigh riding inside. These are boards that we bought when we started to finish our basement for the trim around the doors. I think they are about 2 inches wide if that. They somehow managed to get their bottoms and feet on them and then they would slide (really fast) down the huh? Wow, talk about imagination.


I am finally trying to post something new. So this happened two
weekends ago, I am just slow. We planted PEAS and BEETS!!! Yeah! Jeremy
was tilling the garden (small, but we still call it our garden) while the kiddos were enjoying the weather! It
smelled like spring!! It was so fun to start doing some yard work. I
love to wake up now and hear birds chirping outside.