Monday, May 24, 2010

The Happeiest Place on Earth.....

Wow...I am embarrassed that it has been this long since I have updated...I have to admit, I am a little hooked on Facebook. It just seems easier to write a little one I figured I need to post about our little vacation we just came back from. We took off to Disneyland on Tuesday and got back Sunday. It was so much fun (Jer even said "I would consider doing this again")....We left our baby Emrey with Jeremy's parents and it was so nice to just be able to focus on the two older ones. They had a blast to say the least....our first stop was the was windy and FREEZING but my brothers and husband dove right in and had the time of their lives. Regan is obsessed with seashells and the beach and this was her first official trip.....I have to admit the ocean intimadtes me a little, so I was constantly hollering at the kiddos to get back...but they loved having the waves wash up on their feet.

The waves were acutally bigger than this...too scary for me!

We turned Regan into a mermaid!

The next four days was non stop action at Disneyland. We decided to break down and take Regan to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique where they pamper you by doing your hair, makeup and other girly stuff turning you into royalty and it was worth EVERY expensive

They then told us that they can turn boys into "Cool Knights" and we thought there would be now way Daxton would let them do his hair...but then he heard that he got a sword and shield and he was all over it...must admit, they did a really cute job!! This was probably the funnest part.

Presenting....Princess Regan and Sir Dax....

It was so much fun and the kids did so amazing that we will definatley be doing the trip again!!