Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Happenings....

So I decided I might as well blog about the entire month of December in one post because right now it is nearly impossible to find time that Emrey will let me sit long enough to blog. Jer is off of work this entire week and as I type, he rocks Emrey....NICE!! So to start December, the family went on their annual Christmas tree hunt...I must admit, I am not a huge fan of this. I think it is a lot of work to get the kids ready and hike up a mountain and then drag a tree down...not to mention putting lights on it. But it is a big deal to Jeremy so we go.....

Next my little Regan...well not so little anymore...had her FIRST concert for her singing group that she is in called Tavaci. She LOVES to sing AND perform and this group is the perfect fit. I was one proud mommy to watch her sing her little heart out. It was also fun because her Aunt Ashlee and cousins Brogan, Ridge and Dace are in it also.

Next came gingerbread houses at my sisters house. This is a tradition we do every year and it is always a lot of fun...we had bad luck with all the houses toppling over but the kids still had loads of fun...

Then came was a blast this year. Regan and Daxton were totally into the Santa Claus thing. Jeremy and I almost blew it a few times with them finding presents, they are a lot smarter now :) Regan was so excited that Santa remembered everything she wanted. She was a little concerned that we had not left cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. I had to reassure her that I took care of it :)

Another fun tradition is going up to the "Mantua town Christmas party" Christmas morning...I know you are thinking "what, you go up to the church for a town Christmas party on Christmas morning??" Jeremy thought it was a little strange too...although he has warmed up to the idea now. Santa comes and draws tickets for small gifts...and yes..all three of my kids got to go up this year!! Regan also got to perform her Tavaci songs for the program....

And finally, Jer and I got brave and took to kids to the Zoo in December. They had a "free zoo day" this week and we packed up all the snow gear and headed down. It was so much fun. There was hardly anyone there and all of the big cats and bears were out playing in the snow.

Whew....I am ready for the new year!


  1. What a fun December! You guys are living good! :) I like how Dax smiles the cutest smile ever for every picture!

  2. What a great month! I know what you mean about it being a lot of work to get kids ready and hike a mountain for a Christmas tree. It's awesome that you'll do it for Jeremy. I think if Nathan wanted to do it, I'd let him go with the kids and I'd stay home, promising hot chocolate ready upon their return!

  3. what a fun december! We may go cut down our tree next year...I mean heck we have tonnes of them here! Happy New Year!

  4. SO cute. Love the new family pic and the girls tutus. Our girls are in TaVaci as well and LOVE it!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

  5. Looks like a great Christmas. Happy New year to you too! Shaun and I have to get a little better at the whole Santa thing. Last year Alexis saw her present and we had to tell her how Santa brought it early and told us to hide it etc. This year we just spaced out needing Santa to bring Colbie some presents. We had some from us that Alexis knew about just not from Santa. Luckily she didn't notice but man I need to get better at it for next year! Thanks for the darling Christmas card!