Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Fun!!

Well I don't know if I am just trying to survive the heat or I am just plain lazy, but I decided I better post that we are still alive!! My poor kids are trying to "survive" mom being pregnant Jeremy just doesn't say anything (which is probably smart on his part). Jeremy had a work party at the zoo a few weeks ago and they rented it out (didn't know you could do that....) but we pretty much had the zoo all to ourselves. They had face painting...and that was all Regan wanted to do!! They were amazing face painters as you can see....I also enrolled Regan in a summer dance camp to see if she liked it....she doesn't. All she wants to do is gymnastics. It is like pulling teeth to get her to go, but I did get some cute pictures.

Picture of the zoo....completely empty....we were down looking at the black bears and Jeremy had to take a picture of our own "personal viewing"!!

YES I am should have seen my feet!!

Jer is always such a good sport!!

Told you the face painting was AWSOME!!!


  1. Michelle...You look GREAT! I'm SO excited to see this new little girl!!! You're right about the face painting. You wouldn't even know that is Daxton if he wasn't next to Regan! That's awesome that you guys pretty much got the whole zoo to yourselves. That's always what drives me CRAZY is all the people!!!

  2. The face painting IS awesome! That sounds like such a fun day! You look great. And don't feel one bit bad about slowing down on the activity at this stage of pregnancy. You've been a trooper so far! Regs might decide she likes dancing after a year or two. My girls would love to try gymnastics too! (Those were many random sentences.)

  3. It looks like you guys had fun. You are getting so close. I am sure you are excited to be done. Summer pregnancies are kind of hard. P.S. You do not look huge!

  4. Your kids are so cute. I miss not seeing them. I cant wait to see your new baby she is going to be so cute:)

  5. I didn't know you could rent out a zoo either. wow. Looks like fun! And you don't look huge in that picture! You look great:)

  6. Hello! I just came aross your blog from Stephanies blog! This is Jamie Hendricks by the way! You look so cute pregnant, I'm sure you don't feel it though. I remember what its like! Hope to see you at Bunco!